How Piano Players Can Be Healthy

Massage for the piano player is important with small muscles and bones in the hand can cause tremendous stress and pain in the hands, wrists and elbows. Piano players are most at risk of developing carpal tunnel so be at the physical conditions as well as get regular bodywork are important for those who want long-term career playing the piano. The body position that most piano players because they are often hunched over the tendency to reduce spinal integrity that have their core strength is important to be in the best possible physical condition to prevent pain and injury and feel the highest level of physical energy. Carpal tunnel piano players often go hand in hand so there are many ways to prevent disease and illness.

Most piano players are not in the competence and are not very active so getting stronger in their essence and state the rest of his body is usually not their top priority. Injury and chronic pain are some of the top reasons that most piano players to end his career early so it’s financial, physical and emotional cost of not paying attention to their health and wellness.

Some of the things piano player can do to stay healthy and protect their bodies and their jobs are to receive regular bodywork on a weekly basis, to receive regular chiropractic care at least once a week to make sure their nervous systems and spine those are functioning at an optimal level, eat balanced meals that are nutritious and avoid leg is processed and loaded with hazardous materials, making cardiovascular workout to make sure that other physical systems are finely tuned and make sure they get 8 hours of deep rest night.

Often musicians to perform at night, especially late at night can disrupt normal healthy sleep patterns. Although the pianist might not be able to change the time of performance they can to ensure they get 8 hours of sleep after the evening performance. Good sleep means that there are no interruptions, they do not have high levels of caffeine and alcohol before they go to sleep if they are sleeping during the day then it should darken their room so they can get a deeper rest and be ear-plugs to block out the noise.

Musicians should also make sure to have a nutritious diet that has plenty of fresh fruits and dark leafy green vegetables as well as whole grains and lean meats with little saturated fat. They should avoid frozen processed foods as well as to avoid sugary drinks and processed.

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