The Many Health Benefits of Selenium will amaze you

The importance of trace elements in the body can not be overstated, especially when talking about the benefits of selenium. Your body’s immune system will have the right vitamins and minerals to work, and they all have their importance. But selenium is one of special trace elements that can really help you if there is enough in your system, or you can lead to illness and death if it is not.
Selenium is found in almost every cell of your body, pancreas, spleen and kidneys and ensures normal hepatic function. Like other essential minerals, selenium acts as an antioxidant that destroys the free radicals that make your body as small devastators. More and more, this great mineral is linked to its role in the fight a number of diseases in humans and diseases.
The main advantages of selenium are the heart and cancer protection
The role of selenium in cardiovascular protection is an incredible one. This mineral helps prevent blood from sticking inside of the arteries, reducing the risk of clotting, heart attack and stroke. How’s that for a triple-threat? And the benefits of selenium are elevating levels of good cholesterol, another advantage to keep your heart healthy.
Cancer has natural enemies in selenium. According to the Office of Dietary Supplements, high levels of selenium in the blood decrease many types of cancer including prostate, colorectal and lung. The antioxidant properties of selenium in preventing actually the formation of some cancer cells and tumor cells. And because selenium raises effectively combat technology levels of the immune system, studies show that the development of blood vessels, to support and grow the tumor is suppressed! Needless to say, medical research is to conduct ongoing selenium test against many other types of cancer.
This essential mineral is important to overall body health too. For example, it has been shown that increasing male potency and fight arthritis. Antioxidants its quality helps protect the body from the effects of alcohol and other toxins. And as copper, it has an important role in the maintenance of skin and hair. Selenium supplements improves asthma symptoms and patients recover faster from pneumonia and bronchitis.
Certain foods, supplements can give you the benefits of selenium
If you can find produce that has been grown in selenium-rich soil, improve diet with nuts, oats, brown rice and fresh vegetables. However, most foods are used to contain a positive amount of selenium does not have those levels for longer. That’s because the town soil has been done so often that selenium levels have plummetted.
So, keep eating as healthy a diet as you can, but know that most doctors today recommend that you take selenium supplements, so that you can maintain a healthy level of selenium. The prescribed dose selenium 55mcg daily for women, men and 70mcg daily. However, for cancer patients or patients with higher risk of cancer, doctors prescribe doses up to 400mcg get the full benefits of selenium.
As you can see, selenium is an all-around great trace minerals that can help the body in so many important ways. Trace minerals such as selenium prove the old adage that good things really come in small packages. Your body will have selenium, so if you do not take multi-vitamins, chances are you are short circuit yourself in this important mineral. Get selenium in the diet as soon as you can, so that you can start to get healthy benefits of selenium.

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